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Noisy & Visual Demo at Bradford University

Twelve anti-vivisection campaigners today held a noisy and visual demo at the University of Bradford following the expose of animal abuse inside their laboratory.

Initially, activists turned up outside the IPI building which contains the animal house and found it swarming with extra security guards and police. However, it was apparent that the building had been placed into lockdown and remained empty, with staff being sent home early to avoid the protest!

So, the demonstration moved on to the front of the main university building, the Richmond Building, which also houses the School of Life Sciences offices where al vivisection is controlled from. Hundreds of leaflets were given out to students, most of whom were unaware that animal experimentation even happened at Bradford. Lots of support was also received. Chanting continued for over an hour and nobody was left without a doubt of our determination to end vivisection at Bradford. A number of students also joined the demo, however were banned by security from entering the university buildings!

Towards the end of the demo, the university Vice Chancellor came out to speak with campaigners and present a copy of the press statement Bradford have been forced to issue in response to the demo and ongoing concern.

Earlier on in the day, some campaigners decided to also hold a large banner on a round-a-bout in the centre of Bradford, reading “Bradford University Torture Animals”. Lots of support was received from drivers, who honked their horns and gave thumbs up.

The demo was very succesful and is the first of many to come as part of our new campaign to stop vivisection at Bradford.


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