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Grants Available for Non-Animal Research

The Dr Hadwen Trust is currently inviting grant applications for research proposals to develop, validate or implement non-animal methods which contribute to the replacement of animal use in biomedical research.

Grants are not available simply to support non-animal research per se. The research must be directed towards replacing the use of living animals in current procedures within the applicant’s laboratory or, preferably in the wider field.

Research which requires or involves the use of living animals in any way, even though the ultimate aim may be to replace their use, will not be supported. Neither do we offer grants for research which uses (non-human) animal cells, animal tissues or animal cell lines. Acceptable approaches may include human cell lines, ex vivo or primary human tissues or cells, micro-organisms, human sub-cellular components in vitro, physico-chemical techniques, computer modelling, clinical studies or epidemiology.

Proposals to replace animals in all areas of medical research are welcome. Priority will be given to proposals that aim to replace procedures on animals that can cause substantial pain and suffering, and/or have the potential to replace large numbers of animals.

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