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I.A.R.D Demo’s – Dec 10th – Bradford & Leeds Uni’s

THURSDAY 10TH DECEMBER 2009 is International Animal Rights Day, with protests and vigils happening globally to highlight the suffering of animals in laboratories, factory farms, circuses etc.

To mark this day, West Yorkshire Animal Rights Group are holding demonstrations against the vivisection laboratories in our county at the Universities of Bradford and Leeds.

We are hoping to get local media down to both events, so please come along and help make the day a success.

Visual and noisy protest with banners, placards, megaphones and dressing up! If you can, please bring along chemical suits, lab coats and rat or rabbit masks! If you can’t yourself will be just as good.

Meet 2pm at Bradford Interchange Station, Bridge Street, BD1 1JY

Vigil on the Parkinson Building steps, with a large banner and 22 candles being lit for each of the animals that will have died inside Leeds University’s labs that day.

Please bring – placards, banners, candles in jars.

Meet 5.30pm @ the Parkinson Building Steps, Woodhouse Lane, LS2 9JT


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