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Bradford University Pull Out of Meeting and Talks

Two representatives from Stop Animal Experiments at Bradford (SAEAB) attended the University of Bradford this morning, ready to have a pre-planned meeting with Deputy Vice Chancellor, Jeff Lucas, regarding the ongoing animal testing at the institution and hand in a 1,400 signature petition.

However, upon arrival we were greeted by the police and the Head of Security, who accepted the petition but informed us that there was going to be no meeting, despite all earlier confirmations it was still going ahead. From this, it seems that the University of Bradford are too cowardish to even discuss their vivisection and do not care that the public opinion sways away from them. A letter and pathetic standard 3R’s PR leaflet was also given to us.

We are therefore immediately calling for all demonstrations and stunts nationwide to continue against UoB, their funders and the Leeds College of Music who they plan to merge with. It is extremely important that as many people come to the National March & Rally on February 13th and show Bradford University that they cannot simply shun us away and we will fight for the animals incarcerated inside their walls.

Please also contact Prof. Jeff Lucas and Mark Cleary and discuss the issues at hand with them, if they are willing to even answer the telephone that is!

Professor Mark C Cleary (Vice-Chancellor & Principal)
Tel: 01274 2333011

Prof Jeff Lucas (Deputy Vice Chancellor)
Tel: 01274 236305
Fax: 01274 235720


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