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Activists Hold Day of Action at Bradford Uni Open Day

Twelve activists today held an extremely successful day of action against the University of Bradford to coinside with their first open day of 2010. It must be noted that the Open Day itself was very poorly attended.

First stop was the Bradford office of university funderYorkshire Forward, however nobody was available to speak to us so we left some information and asked them to get in contact with the campaign.

Activists then headed up to the main University of Bradford campus, where the registration opening was happening in the Norcroft Centre. Lax security meant activists gained access and held banners, gave out information and chanted inside the registration hall. Security guards then pushed most of the campaigners out, whilst those who hadn’t been spotted asked awkward questions to members of staff. A noisy demo and leafleting continued outside, before it was time to head on.

Next up was the School of Health Studies, located at the Trinity Road Campus. Information was given to those going into the building, whilst chants of “Close The Bradford Animal Lab” echoed around the area. Many current and prospective students, as well as extremely supportive staff, came and took information. Security staff even begun snatching leaflets out of students’ hands in a desperate attempt to stop any support for the demo.

After a short break, activists attempted to move onto the School of Management located at Emm Lane via the specially booked charter bus, however the University of Bradford were not happy with this. The security staff ordered their police lackeys to kick campaigners off the bus, who quite rightly refused and said they wanted the Bradford Security to tell them as it was not a police matter. After a fifteen minute debate, and laws being applied wrongly, it was decided to move on to another part of the university.

The School of Life Sciences were scheduled to do a talk and tour at 4pm, so this was chosen due to their direct involvement in vivisection. Leaflets were given out to those entering the tour, starting at the Norcroft Centre, and campaigners chanted outside. Again, the University were not best pleased with us exposing their lack of morals and science so got the police to try and shut us up by threatening arrest for using a megaphone! Refusing to be silenced, it was passed around campaigners until all had been warned as a group and by which time the Life Sciences tour had gone.

Despite bad weather and snow throughout the day, it was extremely effective and many people who attend the university told us they were unaware vivisection was even happening on their campus. Other members of staff informed us that the university had sent an email around to everybody who they employ, telling them not to speak to anti-vivisection campaigners – what do they have to hide?!

For the closure of the animal testing labs at Bradford and the animals dying inside them, we will continue to fight.


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