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University of Bradford Exposed Again!

In their standard PR responses, the University of Bradford claim that they are involved in life saving research and the development of new drugs, however our latest expose of research at Bradford reveals the exact opposite. It is extremely sickening for UoB to be trying to represent their research as vital in curing diseases, when we can now reveal that they have been doing little more than testing Ketamine on animals.

In March 2009, experiments on rodents were conducted in the laboratories of Professor Jo Neill, head vivisector in the School of Pharmacy at Bradford University. These studies, using rodents supplied by Harlan UK, were aimed at testing the effects of recreational drugs Ketamine and PCP on performance and learning skills. Animals were firstly ‘trained’ to push a lever near an LED light by starving them until they fulfilled the task in return for food.

Once the 40 animals pushed the lever in their cages, Ketamine and PCP was dissolved into their water and the effects monitored. The results are obvious – the experiment findings were that amphetamines have an effect on performance.

This experiment was funded by GlaxoSmithKline and fully approved by the University of Bradford ethical review process, who claim to stick to the principles of the 3R’s. These experiments simply did not need to happen and the results are plainly obvious, expecially considering Professor Neill has been conducting similar studies on animals since 1991. Other vivisection has included testing cocaine and alcohol.

It is time to stand up agains this pointless animal abuse and close down Bradford’s animal laboratories once and for all.


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