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Bradford University Richmond Labs Visited by ALIU

From Indymedia UK
The ALIU commits no criminal offences in the course of our investigations, but conduct vital work into exposing animal cruelty conducted by institutions. We are independant from any other groups, including the Animal Liberation Front.

Entry was gained by the Animal Liberation Investigation Unit to the top floor of the Richmond Building at Bradford University, where experiments on primates were formerly conducted and word had it that it had now been converted into a small animal unit. We also looked around the basement of the building, which we had heard had in the past been used as an animal and equipment store.

Once up there, we went through a keypadded door, which looked like it had just been fitted, and accessed the corridor which had various rooms on either side which have a harrowing history of primate abuse and suffering. Looking through the rooms, there were no animals inside any and we can confirm that the unit has been closed down and decomissioned for good, leaving only the animal laboratory in the basement of the IPI building remaining at Bradford University. In the old Richmond laboratory, reminders of its past still remain including the old security systems which are no longer functioning and some dusty old vivisection equipment.


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