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Anti-Vivisection Week of Action – 12th-18th April

In the UK, 30% of vivisection is conducted inside top-secret establishments at universities and colleges, often hidden on the top floors or in the basements of biology and psychology departments. In most cases, those attending such establishments and locals are not even aware of the painful experiments and animal torment happening on their campuses and doorsteps.

As the price of obtaining primates has soared due to activist pressure and the closing down of facilities, an increase of the breeding and use of genetically modified animals has occured. Most university establishments now have their own breeding colonies of rabbits, guinea-pigs and rodents as a direct result of the closure of over 30 commercial animal suppliers. The current price of a primate in the UK is averaged at £1,000 per animal, leading to the Medical Research Council (MRC) opening a ‘top secret’ breeding and importation centre at the University of Leicester and military research lab DSTL Porton Down, which specifically supply the needs of academic establishments, in a desperate attempt to keep primate research ongoing. Fortunately, the price costs and public opinion have lead to the failure of this plan.

This week, the Animal Liberation Investigation Unit (ALIU) released a list of every university animal lab in the country. As a direct response, we call upon animal rights groups across the country to organise and help bring to light this hidden animal torture in academic facilities so we have called a national week of action:

12th – 18th APRIL 2010 to coincide with World Month for Laboratory Animals. Go out there and take action for the animals. From demo’s to die-ins, filming inside these laboratories, leafleting on campuses and publicity stunts – make sure you’re part of it!

More info at:


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