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Leeds AR Protest at Bradford Uni Funders

The following was received from Leeds Animal Rights:

Activists from Leeds Animal Rights today visited two companies involved with vivisection at the University of Bradford in solidarity with the SAEAB campaign.

First of all we turned up at the Head Office of Yorkshire Universities (Yorkshire Concept Fund) who are providing the money for the B2N take-over of the Bradford vivisection laboratories. We knocked on the door and ask to speak to a representative of the company, however nobody was (apparently) available. Leaflets were given to passers by about their involvement in animal cruelty and scientific fraud. We will be holding noisy demonstrations in the coming weeks at YU again.

Next we went to the Techtran Group at the Leeds Innovation Centre (103 Clarendon Road, Leeds, LS2 9DF Tel: 0870 126 3200), who not only conduct the genetic modification of laboratory animals for vivisection, but fund research at the University of Bradford. Leaflets were given out to those entering the shared office unit, all of which were not aware of Techtran’s involvement in animal experiments and thought they were just a normal company. The megaphone was used to great effect, informing everybody around about the scientific invalidity of vivisection and TG’s dirty secrets. Again, we will be holding regular demo’s outside this company.

As we were leaving, campaigners were stopped by two suited and booted CID officers who attempted, and failed, to intimidate and stop any further actions. They also informed campaigners that they were banned from the university campus, where both the above companies are situated. We would like to make it clear that we refuse to be intimidated and will not give up our right to demonstrate against the cruelties and incompetence of animal experimentation.


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