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Yorkshire Universities (YCF) Lying to the Public

We have had numerous emails from supporters across the world who have telephoned or emailed Yorkshire Universities (Yorkshire Concept Funds) about their involvement in the B2N take-over at the University of Bradford and have been told by the management at the company that they are not involved.

At SAEAB we make a point of looking into everything we publish to make sure we have everything 100%, or otherwise we would be open to legal action taken against us by such companies. We are able to expose Yorkshire Universities (YCF) due to various sources of information, some of which cannot be published due to keeping such sources anonymous, however some activists have managed to wean it out of a director of the organisation that they are involved, despite him stating in the same conversation that they were not.

This just goes to prove the hyprocrosy lies of the vivisection industry, the University of Bradford and those complicit in animal abuse and scientific fraud and how they will lie to distance themselves from the shameful dealings they are involved in. We urge campaigners to continue politely contacting Yorkshire Universities (YCF) about their funding to Bradford, all details are available here. Thanks goes out to activists across the world who have already complained to YU (YCF).


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