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Demo’s in Support of SAEAB Hit London

Activists today held a tour of organisations, in London, who are involved in vivisection.

AstraZeneca continue to fund cruel experiments inside Huntingdon Life Sciences, and their own laboratories, so we first of visited their Head Office at Stanhope Gate. Megaphones were used to great effect, informing them that we will no longer tolerate their complicity in animal abuse and scientific fraud. Names of drugs which have caused adverse effects in patients were reeled off and it was explained that animal research doesn’t work. Executives were also invited to come out and comment on the undercover footage of AZ funded experiments on primates at HLS, however they just hid behind locked doors and closed blinds.

Next we moved onto the MRC’s plush Head Office based on Regent’s Park Crescent as they continue to fund vivisection at many universities, including Bradford and Oxford. MRC were not expecting demo’s, so they reacted with slamming doors, windows and curtains shut in a panic, whilst their neighbours came out and watched the demo and commented in support. Some people said they did not know the company next door was involved in such horrendous animal cruelty and scientific incompetence. Loud chanting echoed around the area and leaflets were given to passers by. We will be returning to the MRC until they stop backing vivisection and drop the University of Bradford.

London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine have just been revealed on the Animal Liberation Investigation Unit list as a facility who conduct animal experiments in their secret top floor laboratories, so we thought it was wise to pay them a demo. Again, not expecting us the security went into lockdown and students coming in and out were informed of the horrendous animal cruelty occurring in their university. Many gave comments of support and told of how they were banned from entering the top floor. LSH&TM can expect more demo’s whilst they continue to mutilate and poison rodents, rabbits, ferrets and farm animals inside their labs.

[Photos to follow]


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