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HLS & Bradford Targets Demo’d in London

London activists today held a mobile tour of companies dealing in the vivisection industry.

We started off at the AstraZeneca UK HQ on Stanhope Gate, seeing some of the workers out for lunch. Activists were at the front and back of the building, chanting through megaphones and letting everybody know about AZ’s dirty dealings with Huntingdon Life Sciences. The building was, yet again, brought into lockdown with nobody leaving.

Next stop was Fortress Investment Group on Savile Row, who are currently providing loan facilities to Huntingdon Life Sciences. The entrance to the building was lined with placard-wielding and chanting campaigners, all determined to show Fortress that their involvement in HLS is unnacceptable.

Following lunch, we headed to the poxy office belonging to Understanding Animal Research (formerly the Research Defence Society), above the McDonalds on Shaftesbury Avenue. After the secretary kindly buzzed us in, we headed upstairs to speak to somebody about their defence of animal cruelty inside member company’s laboratories, including Bradford Uni and HLS. When we arrived, we were greeted with vivisection spin doctor, Simon Festing. Very unbiased Simon’s father also owns shares in lab animal breeders Harlan, so obviously he always talks from the point of caring about patients with illnesses. Festing refused to answer any questions about the ‘medical research’ and testing of cocaine and ketamine inside Bradford University, nor the ‘high welfare’ of capturing primates in the wild. After good old Simon turning his back on us and evading answering questions, we headed off.

Last of all was the offices of the Royal Society of Arts, where the fellowship membership includes Geoff Layer, Deputy Vice Chancellor at the University of Bradford. Leaflets were given to passers by, detailing information about Geoff Layer, the RSA and Bradford’s record of animal abuse in their laboratories. Chants of “Geoff Layer – Animal Abuser” also echoed around the street as security looked panicked inside.

The day was overall good and inspiring and we will continue to hold demo’s at all the above targets on a regular basis.

London Animal Rights


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