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SAEAB Supporting Highgate Farm Campaign

Highgate Rabbit Farm, in Lincolnshire, are a vital cog in the UK university vivisection network, supplying countless rabbits, ferrets and pigs to be used inside various academic facilities nationwide. SAEAB are fully backing the campaign to close this vile business down and recently organised transport to the Easter weekend demo there:

Saturday saw a great day for the campaign to close Highgate Farm in Normanby by Spital, Lincolnshire. Around 60 people gathered at the farm to show their disgust at what goes on in these sheds. Highgate Farm breed rabbits and ferrets for the vivisection industry, keeping them in terrible conditions in bare wire metal cages on top of their own urine and excrement until sending these beautiful creatures off the be tortured and die in many UK universities and the notorious Huntindon Life Sciences.

The message was clear on this sunny easter Saturday, that until the farm stops breeding animals to be tortured in UK laboratories then days like this will carry on.

The demo proved to be a very visual one with many people coming in bunny costumes to highlight, as most people celebrate Easter with decorations of easter bunnies around, that these creatures will not be forgotten about and are no different from the bunnies people have as pets at home except for the awful conditions they are made to live in.

Mr Douglas showed everyone how infantile he can be by making sure that he had a sound system set up on a pole to try and drown out the noise of demonstrators, who were just trying to voice their disgust with what he does. He obviously can’t cope with listening to what people have to say so would rather spend money paying for a music licence that allows him to make so much noise and disturb his neighboours. We wonder though if he is going to pay the royalty rights to those famous artists he was continuely blasting out?

So thanks to everyone who came out on Saturday, it was a huge success. Now lets carry on with regular demos at the farm and not let the animals in here suffer in silence. We are their only hope to end this horrendous trade. Don’t think you are just one person so you cant make a difference, everyone has a voice that needs to be heard, it is our duty to protest. Get in touch if you would like to take part in the regular demos at Highgate by contacting us by emailing: closehighgaterabbitfarm@hotmail.co.uk


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