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University Week Kicked Off With Bradford Security Breached

To kick off the Week of Action Against Vivisection in Universities, activists gained access to a number of buildings at the University of Bradford and split up for maximum effect. No security staff were in sight, so we could effectively swamp the campus without hinder.

The University of Bradford have banned their staff and students from talking to campaigners against their vivisection practices, so it was our goal to hightlight the true horrors and scientific incompitence of what is happening under the false guise of science in the basement labs of the IPI Building.

Hundreds of leaflets were left literally everywhere around the campus – under the doors of locked offices (both involved in science departments and not), on notice boards, in student mail boxes, lockers, toilets and other places where they would be seen and read. Unfortunately, we ran out of leaflets when arriving at the open executive suite, however we’re sure those involved in Bradford University’s management are well aware of the animal suffering being conducted in their establishment.

This kind of action will be repeated on a regular basis and leaves the message clear – the more Bradford try to stop people knowing what is happening, the more we will make it our mission to get relevant information out there.


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