Week of Action Protests – Liverpool Universities

Campaigners in Liverpool today held protests and spreading of information as part of the Week of Action Against University Vivisection. We covered Liverpool John Moores’ Byrom Road site and got a great reception from students. The Dean of Science came out to speak to campaigners and talked about their ethical policy not to use larger animals (dogs, cats or primates) in experiments and how they won’t employ anybody who wishes to use these species and employed researchers/lecturers do the testing on rodents. Many students were unaware vivisection was happening on their campus.

Next we went to Liverpool University, although students aren’t back there from the Easter Break yet we still managed to speak to members of staff. The Vet School Dean came out to talk to campaigners and we had quite in-depth conversations about what happens inside their laboratories. Most of the work is focused on dissection, with animals obtained from a number of places when they have been put to sleep. Most of the behavioral research is conducted on rodents.

According to a senior member of staff at Liverpool, the two places covered by Home Office Licenses are the Duncan and Leahurst Buildings. The North Street laboratories for John Moores closed down last week, so one less animal laboratory!

Liverpool Animal Rights

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