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Determined Protests at BioTrinity 2010

We received the following report in support of the Week of Action Against University Vivisection. Over 15 universities involved in animal experimentation, as well as breeders, lab animal transporters, cage manufacturers and others, were in attendance at BioTrinity:

Newbury Racecourse recently allowed a vivisection conference to be held at their premises over a three day period. Members of vivisection businesses from around the UK, including some from universities, were given the chance to form themselves a gathering of murderers and hold a conference of death at the racecourse in Newbury. However activists were determined to make sure things didn’t run smoothly…

What were the subjects of topic at the conference? Certainly not VIOXX, TGN-1412, Thalidomide, and the many other lethal mishaps of vivisection that prove it is nothing but animal cruelty and scientific fraud that goes on to maim and kill humans as well. Certainly not the other methods available that those whom vivisect themselves have even admitted would be safer and more efficent. No, for they are only concerned about satisfying their own selfish greed, and profiteering from the misery of others. A conference of liars, frauds, abusers, murderers, the lowest of the low.

The past 3 days have seen angry and loud demonstrations. Activists shouting at the gates and letting those driving in and out know exactly what we think of them. Placards displaying the victims of vivisection, ensured the protests were also very visual.

Activists were glad to receive much support from local residents, whom came over to ask about the protests and some even joined in! The people of newbury don’t want a meeting consisting of despicable, vile individuals on their door-step, who would!

Security guards and police officers (including NETCU) were out in full force, however they soon went into panic mode and rushed to shut the gates when one activist slipped past.

Coaches shuttling vivisectors out of the conference were also given a hard time, as well as the other murderers leaving in their cars.

Newbury Racecourse ought to think twice next time before they allow those whom call it a career to mutilate and dismember animals to hold a conference on their site, however, being a racecourse, we can’t really expect them to have the decency or intelligence to care about animals in the first place. May they know if they do choose to allow conferences of such sort in future, they will only receive more opposition.


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