Banner Drops and Demo’s at Bradford Uni

As part of the Week of Action Against University Vivisection, activists in West Yorkshire focused a day on the University of Bradford and their associates.

First of all, whilst protesters stood outside with banners and handing leaflets to students, two activists gained entry to the Hub (large student social area and cafe), despite security staff being on every door. A large banner reading “Stop University Animal Experiments” was hung off a balcony inside, gaining lots of attention from students and staff. After about five minutes, campaigners were removed from the building and joined the protest outside.

Next stop was the School of Health Studies campus on Trinity Road, where a number of security staff stood in the driveway and blocked campaigners from getting next to the building. Large banners were held outside and everybody was informed over a megaphone about Bradford’s track record of animal abuse and scientific incompitence whilst performing vivisection. Every person entering and leaving took information.

It was then back to the main campus, where leaflets were given out to students and banners were held alongside the busy main road. Police threatened protesters with arrest for standing on a wall with a banner, apparently after the university objected! oh dear!

Last stop was Yorkshire Forward’s Manchester Road office, who provide key funding to the University of Bradford and their animal labs. Everybody around was informed of YF being involved in animal abuse and leaflets were given out to those passing by.

The day was succesful and we will not back down until the University of Bradford ends all vivisection practices.

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