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Lufthansa Airlines End Lab Animal Flights

Lufthansa Airlines have in the past transported animals from various breeders, including Marshall Farms in the USA, to laboratories in the UK, including those of university departments. There are simply not enough companies in the UK breeding animals for vivisection to supply the demand, especially when it comes to larger animals such as beagles and cats. At current, there are no cats being bred in this country for vivisection and less than a handful of beagle companies. To meet the demand, Marshall Farms are flying dogs into the UK as Harlan simply cannot handle the many thousands ‘needed’ each year. We also have leaked documents revealling AstraZeneca at Alderly Edge and Huntingdon Life Sciences are supplying beagles for vivisection, although not a sufficient amount meaning others have to be imported.

A major blow has been hit, with Lufthansa Airlines caving in after 24hours of email alerts going out. They were transporting beagles and cats from Marshall Farms to UK facilities, including Charles River and various universities. After Pakistan International Airlines pulled out last year, this will have a large impact on the supply of animals for experimentation.


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