Week of Action Demo’s in Leeds

Activists in Leeds today held a mobile demo against organisations involved in academic animal experimentation in our area.

We begun during lunch hour on the busy steps of the Parkinson Building at the University of Leeds, holding large banners and giving out information to students, staff and passers by. The UoL didn’t really seem to like this after they issued ‘banning orders’ to campaigners, hoping we would simply go away. The fact is whilst a single animal is being tortured in their perversion of science, we will not back down in exposing them.

Next of all, we moved onto the Worsley Building which houses the university’s animal unit on the top floor. Here is where wild caught birds, rodents, rabbits, dogs and other sentient creatures are used in experimentation. The Home Office Inspector has adversly commented on the unit’s standards of housing birds here, saying that cages are too small and the vivisectors themselves stated that they don’t think the animals get enough exercise. Following a short demo, we moved on as it was reletavely quiet.

Covance’s CRU was the next port of call. Not only do Covance conduct their own animal testing, they also breed for others and own a 47% stake in Noveprim, a farm who capture primates in the jungles of Mauritius to be supplied to labs worldwide. They are also heavily involved in vivisection at Leeds, Birmingham and other universities – a truly sick company. A noisey demo was held outside the main entrance to the building, with staff looking out of the top floor windows to see what was happening.

Our next stop was Yorkshire Universities (Yorkshire Concept Fund) who provide money to the University of Bradford’s animal unit for the planned privatisation. Mark Cleary, Bradford Vice Chancellor, is also on the board of this company. They were informed of the experiments testing Cocaine, Ketamine and PCP at UoB in a visual demonstration which could not be ignored. Passers by stopped to listen to megaphone speeches, showing keen interest whilst YU/YCF were shamed.

Last of all was the Techtran Group, who are invovled in breeding rodents, horses and other genetically altered animals for labs and also fund research at the University of Bradford.

All in all, the day was extremely succesful with lots of support and companies complicit in animal abuse exposed.
[Photos coming shortly]
Leeds Animal Rights

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