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Speak Join in Week of Action – Oxford

Anti vivisectionists from the Oxford area spent four days demonstrating against universities and other institutions in this vivisection week of action. First up was the Biotrinity Conference being held at Newbury Racecourse.

The Biotrinity Conference of 2010 was met with three days of protests from those opposed to the atrocities carried out on animals by the companies, institutions and universities taking part in this life sciences conference, one of the largest in the UK.

The conference aims was to bring together pharmaceutical companies, investors, and those involved in research and development, and was attended by over 600 delegates from 300 world-wide companies and institutions during the three-day event, including many universities.

Monday evening saw protesters there to meet those attending the grand opening reception dinner, reminding them that while they enjoyed their dinner, all the animals imprisoned inside the labs can look forward to is death to remove them from the torment that is their lives.

When the conference officially started on Tuesday morning, protesters were there from 8am to greet the attendees as they arrived. Using placards with very large photos of laboratory animals on them, the delegates could not fail to see the suffering caused by those involved in the shameful business of animal torture.

The end of the three day event saw demonstrators breaching the security to take the message to those inside Newbury Racecourse complex that animal abuse is not acceptable. Megaphones were in use as the delegates left Biotrinity 2010 and informed them that as long as animals are imprisoned and suffering inside laboratories, compassionate people will fight to free them.

No doubt there will be another Biotrinity conference in 2011 and they should be in no doubt that yet again, those against animal experiments will also be attending.

Thursday saw around twenty SPEAK supporters gather opposite Oxford University’s animal torture lab to show their disgust at this institution of so called academic excellence – but there is nothing excellent about brutalizing living breathing creatures. There was a lot of support from passers-by who still find it hard to believe that animals are still used in experiments in this day and age.

For four hours protesters chanted loudly, held up banners, gave out information and debated and talked to those interested in why the demonstration was taking place. There has been a presence of SPEAK supporters outside this new lab every week for the last six years, leaving Oxford University in no doubt as to our determination to put an end to the vivisection they insist on continuing with.

The university vivisection week of action maybe over, but we will continue to fight against the animal experiments being carried out at Oxford University every week, every month, every year until this medieval practise is no more.
info@speakcampaigns.org // www.speakcampaigns.org


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