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Bradford Charity Dinner and Ball Demo’d

Bradford University last night held their annual Spring Charity Dinner and Ball at Cedar Court Hotel, which activists used as a perfect opportunity to shame them for the vivisection which goes on inside their laboratories.

Upon arrival, smartly dressed campaigners entered the hotel and left leaflets everywhere for attendees and guests. Unfortunately, the hotel didn’t appreciate people being informed about the horrors conducted by their client, so decided to rip up leaflets and chase protesters around the hotel and grounds! The police arrived and decided to hold campaigners, arrest them for criminal damage before releasing them, but also confiscating any leaflets and issuing dispersal orders.

Luckily enough, we’re not deterred by such callous acts of policing so a handfull of campaigners held a noisy protest outside the main enterance to the Cedar Court Hotel, which could not be ignored by anyone and support was received from those entering the hotel.

Please contact Cedar Court and complain about them hosting an event for Bradford Uni:

Cedar Court Leeds / Bradford
Mayo Avenue, Rooley Lane
Tel / Fax: 01274 406600
sales@cedarcourtbradford.co.uk, leisure@cedarcourtbradford.co.uk, reservations@cedarcourtbradford.co.uk, jane.brierley@cedarcourtbradford.co.uk, allison.papaiacovou@cedarcourtbradford.co.uk, dianne.foster@cedarcourtbradford.co.uk, nicola.ford@cedarcourtbradford.co.uk, benjamin.campbell@cedarcourtbradford.co.uk,


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