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Lab mice ‘show pain on their faces’

A report on Yahoo News has revealed disgusting experiments, involving injecting various substances into the paws of rodents, conducted at a Canadian academic research institution. At SAEAB, we condemn these tests for the suffering and cruelty they have caused and can see no benefit gained, or knowledge that was not already known coming to light as a result of them being carried out.

It is already common knowledge that laboratory rodents can show pain and emotions. We need look no further than the University of Bradford for a prime example. When researchers there intentionally placed rodents in isolation, the animals undergoing experimentation begun consuming everything in their cages through stress and boredom, exhibiting extreme stereotypic behaviour until they many died of  blocked intestinal tracts. This is a sure sign of why Bradford’s animal labs should be closed down once and for all.

You can read the Yahoo News article here.


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