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Bradford Provide Rooftop Platform for Lab Opposition!

Received by SAEAB:

As building work continues on the new Student Union Building at the University of Bradford, a live web cam has been set up for people to follow the progress. Campaigners used this to their advantage and scaled the 30ft. building, placing a poster demanding the closure of the UoB animal labs in front for all to see. This remained there for several hours, before being removed.

If the university are so proud of their ‘life saving research’ then why are they not willing to get into debate of the subject?!

It is quite simple, Bradford – we will continue naming and shaming you whilst animals die in pointless experiments inside your labs to test controlled substances such as Cocaine.

Until next time!

Please note: We took all precautions to avoid any accidents, such as bringing a first aider along for any eventualities and it is not wise to do such an action without being prepared.


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