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Animal Abuse

The University of Bradford conduct experimentation on live animals, which has been exposed for the cruelty and scientific invalidity involved.

In the 1980’s, a successful campaign closed down their primate experimentation unit following an expose of horrific abuse and suffering.

In order for animals to undergo experimental procedures, animals are often deprived of water and/or food for upto 36hours before hand.  When studies into the brain are conducted, animals also have electrodes implanted into their skulls so as to record any reactions.

In one experiment detailed in papers from UoB, researchers created wounds in live rodents to as to study the effects of scarring, despite the results being extremely well known.

In a study conducted at both Bradford and an American university, pregnant animals were forced into cocaine addiction over a period of time. However, when they gave birth and begun nursing they were monitored to see whether they preferred the drug most or their offspring.

Documents from inside UoB reveal that unexplaind deaths of animals are a regular occurrence inside the animal house and laboratory. Post mortems revealled the animals had ingested bedding, a sign of stress in most species. It was also brought to our attention that during the period of our investigation, a number of members of staff were under observation.

The University of Bradford use a get-out clause, telling those that enquire about their vivisection that they are inspected by Home Office officials on a regular basis. We can reveal that over the last five years, Bradford have been inspected five times; on three of which occassions they were given prior notice. What about the other 1,823 days?


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