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Bad Science

Most people who support animal research do so on the basis they believe it can benefit the human species and cure diseases in some form, however below we have summarised why the reality is much different.

The prime reason as to why animal testing cannot be applied to humans is due to the difference in species, genetic make-up and vary in physiology and biology. We simply cannot get the results from one species and apply it to another. Beagle dogs, for example, cannot get heart disease due to being designed for a high intake of meat in their diet due to being solely carnivores, yet heart disease is rife in the human population. Lemon juice, something used commonly, can kill cats as do grapes to dogs. According to the managing director of Huntingdon Life Sciences, animal research is only effective “5-25% of the time” when applied to humans, thus reflecting on the massive difference in anatomy.

Every single pharmaceutical product on the market has some form of a side effect, even though it has been passed off as safe via animal research. These can range from headaches, dizziness to internal bleeding, hemorrhaging and heart attacks. Take Vioxx, for example, which was manufactured by pharmaceutical-giant Merck-Sharpe Dohm and tested on rodents and primates. This went onto the market and caused millions of people to be physiologically damaged through heart constraints, many had heart attacks and even died. Yet this drug, hailed as a breakthrough, went on to maim and kill despite going through animal research phases.

The testing of chemicals makes up a large part of animal research, so why is it that so many of these products are unsafe and carcinogenic when they have been proved as safe? Products made by major funders of animal testing, such as Bayer, Dow, Clariant etc go on to cause Cancer to those exposed to them.

For more information about the scientific invalidity of animal testing, visit Europeans for Medical Advancement.

The Safer Medicines Film, published by research charity Safer Medicines Trust, goes into depth about the various alternative means of testing to vivisection.

Featuring various scientists, doctors and victims of animal tested medicines, the film is a great insight into why animal testing is scientifically flawed and how it can be replaced – examples of organisations currently operating on this policy are also included.

More information and the film itself are available by clicking here.


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