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Neill in the Netherlands

Top Bradford University vivisector, Professor Jo Neill, is conducting a talk at the annual European Summer School for Whole Animal Pharmacology (ESSWAP) in the Netherlands during June 13th – 18th, where she is speaking about her research into “The Psychopharmacology of Feeding Behaviour” in animals alongside staff from Huntingdon Life Sciences and other establishments. Will she be mentioning her torturing of animals to test alcohol, cocaine, ketamine and PCP?

Please politely contact the organisers of the event and inform them of Neill’s record of scientific invalidity and animal abuse:

Joop S de Graaf PhD
Franciscanenstraat 16,
6823 PB, Arnhem, the Netherlands
director@esswap.org, sedwm903@uu.nl

The hotel where part of the conference and dinners are being held is:
Hotel De Biltsche Hoek
De Holle Bilt 1,
3732 HM De Bilt,
the Netherlands
Tel. +31 30 220 5881
Fax: +31 (0)30-2202812
biltschehoek@valk.com, reservations@biltschehoek.valk.com, sales@biltschehoek.valk.com, reservations@biltschehoek.valk.nl, frontdesk@biltschehoek.valk.nl,
Website: www.biltschehoek.com


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