March Against the Murderers – Report

Fifty campaigners today marched through Bradford City Centre to oppose the animal experiments happening at the university.

First of all, speeches were held in Centenary Square before heading off along the streets and up to the main campus. The march was determined and focused, receiving lots of attention from members of the public and thousands of leaflets handed out.

Up at the main campus, chants and speeches were held outside the Richmond Building before heading up to the main road.

The protest was intended to let potential students know about the vivisection happening on campus as it was the University’s Open Day, however the event was cut short down to only a few hours in a desperate attempt to stop information being spread about the horrors occuring inside the university labs.

The demonstrations was definately successful with lots of support bering received from members of the public.

[Photos to follow]

March Against the Murderers – Leaflets Available

Leaflets for the next national protest, March Against the Murderers, in Bradford City Centre on Sat 3rd July are now available to order or download.

Click Here for a copy, or alternatively get in touch.


Bradford Provide Rooftop Platform for Lab Opposition!

Received by SAEAB:

As building work continues on the new Student Union Building at the University of Bradford, a live web cam has been set up for people to follow the progress. Campaigners used this to their advantage and scaled the 30ft. building, placing a poster demanding the closure of the UoB animal labs in front for all to see. This remained there for several hours, before being removed.

If the university are so proud of their ‘life saving research’ then why are they not willing to get into debate of the subject?!

It is quite simple, Bradford – we will continue naming and shaming you whilst animals die in pointless experiments inside your labs to test controlled substances such as Cocaine.

Until next time!

Please note: We took all precautions to avoid any accidents, such as bringing a first aider along for any eventualities and it is not wise to do such an action without being prepared.

Alumni Weekend Opened With Noisy Demo

12 Activists today held a noisy demonstration at the University of Bradford’s Alumni Weekend opening, letting everybody know about the horrific suffering ongoing inside their laboratories. The event was held at the School of Management, Emm Lane.

Banners were held across the driveway, whilst leaflets were given to both passers by and those attending the event. Chanting also let everybody know why we were there.

Following everybody entering the Alumni Weekend event, everybody headed up to the main campus and another visual and loud demo was held.

We will continue regular protests at University of Bradford’s events and bring their name into association with the animal abuse and scientific fraud conducted in their labs. It is abhorent the suffering entailed in experiments at UoB and we will simply not back down until they are stopped once and for all.

[Photos to follow]

Lab mice ‘show pain on their faces’

A report on Yahoo News has revealed disgusting experiments, involving injecting various substances into the paws of rodents, conducted at a Canadian academic research institution. At SAEAB, we condemn these tests for the suffering and cruelty they have caused and can see no benefit gained, or knowledge that was not already known coming to light as a result of them being carried out.

It is already common knowledge that laboratory rodents can show pain and emotions. We need look no further than the University of Bradford for a prime example. When researchers there intentionally placed rodents in isolation, the animals undergoing experimentation begun consuming everything in their cages through stress and boredom, exhibiting extreme stereotypic behaviour until they many died of  blocked intestinal tracts. This is a sure sign of why Bradford’s animal labs should be closed down once and for all.

You can read the Yahoo News article here.

Bradford Charity Dinner and Ball Demo’d

Bradford University last night held their annual Spring Charity Dinner and Ball at Cedar Court Hotel, which activists used as a perfect opportunity to shame them for the vivisection which goes on inside their laboratories.

Upon arrival, smartly dressed campaigners entered the hotel and left leaflets everywhere for attendees and guests. Unfortunately, the hotel didn’t appreciate people being informed about the horrors conducted by their client, so decided to rip up leaflets and chase protesters around the hotel and grounds! The police arrived and decided to hold campaigners, arrest them for criminal damage before releasing them, but also confiscating any leaflets and issuing dispersal orders.

Luckily enough, we’re not deterred by such callous acts of policing so a handfull of campaigners held a noisy protest outside the main enterance to the Cedar Court Hotel, which could not be ignored by anyone and support was received from those entering the hotel.

Please contact Cedar Court and complain about them hosting an event for Bradford Uni:

Cedar Court Leeds / Bradford
Mayo Avenue, Rooley Lane
Tel / Fax: 01274 406600,,,,,,,,

Bradford Uni Shamed at School of Management

Activists in Bradford today held demo’s against vivisection inside universities.

First of all we headed to the Bradford University School of Management campus due to a day of public lectures being held, so a perfect opportunity to expose the cruel experiments performed by UoB. Advantage was taken of the lack of security, so we headed straight for the lecture theatre. Leaflets were placed everywhere for those attending to view, as well as around the building for students and staff. Messages about the vivisection at Bradford were also written on whiteboards.

Next some of us went to the nearby Plumbase site due to them being a trading name and division for the Grafton Group Plc who are responsible for supplying the concrete for the new University of Leicester animal lab. A large banner was held outside and, although very few customers were around staff were extremely supportive.

We will soon be holding demo’s at Grafton’s other Bradford site, which is their new flagship centre for the North East.

Campaign Launched to Fight Leicester Lab

The National Anti-Vivisection Alliance (NAVA) has been launched to unite campaigns fighting vivisection inside universities nationwide and fight the plans to build a new animal testing laboratory at the University of Leicester.

We are proud to be a part of this new and growing network, campaigning to end all animal experimentation inside academic institutions across the UK and world.

Check out the NAVA website here

SAEAB Speaking at World Day for Animals in Labs

As a new up-and-coming campaign, SAEAB were invited to speak in front of thousands as the World Day for Animals in Laboratories march and rally in Central London.

You can catch the speech by the SAEAB spokesperson below:

Bradford Rodent Supplier Visited

SAEAB received the following report:

Following on from the successful march in London to mark World Day for Animals in Labs, activists paid an evening visit to the site of vivisection breeders, Harlan UK near Bicester.

Surrounded by razor wire fences and security, this site breeds rodents, rabbits and guinea pigs to be destined for Huntingdon Life Sciences and universities, including Bradford and Leicester.

Turning up at the site, we begun shouting about the sickening cruelties Harlan are involved in and how their vile business cannot be tollerated in this so-called civilised society.